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Mussa Uwitonze

Born in 1991 in Rubavu, Rwanda. Mussa’s photographic journey started when he was still at primary school, when a photographer called David Jiranek began a photography project. Mussa was one of 11 pupils selected; he was given a disposable camera to take pictures of the world he saw around him. The project called Through the Eyes of Children; its goal of is to share with the world the perspective of the children, to provide an opportunity to reflect on the tragedy of the genocide by observing life today through the eyes of Rwanda’s children. The photos were exhibited, taken in the US, and the proceeds from print sales were used to fund schooling for the children in Rwanda. This gave Mussa a lifelong passion for photography. Mussa photographs highlights the poverty and injustice that he feels remain under the surface of Rwandan society. For him, ‘photography is an art that helps you open up and express yourself. a voice and a tool for change.’ Mussa's photography formed part of an exhibition at King's College London entitled Rwanda in Photographs: Death Then, Life Now that aimed to look at the country today rather than back to the genocide in 1994, which much of the photographic work related to Rwanda focuses on. He is based in Kigali, Rwanda from where he works around the world.